S3 partners with Clevry to give Organisations Greater Predictability of their Peoples’ Performance

S3 partners with Clevry
S3 today announced a strategic partnership with Clevry to provide organisations with greater predictability in the recruitment, development and support of their employees.

As a result, organisations will benefit from increased employee engagement as well as reduced time and costs when it comes to developing people and performance.

The collaboration combines S3’s employee engagement and coaching solutions with Clevry’s platform for data-driven people solutions, providing a unique approach to helping companies be more competitive. For customers, this will help organisations achieve greater predictability in the development of their teams and ensure that greater profitability is always the result.

They will also benefit from a streamlined solution that delivers greater insight and intelligence across all stages of the employee lifecycle, including: recruitment benchmarking and predictability, employee onboarding, departmental development, leadership development and team analytics. The S3/Clevry partnership will become a necessary complement to an organisation’s growth, enabling growth in ways that many organisations have not yet considered.

According to Heikki Karimaa, Chief Revenue Officer at Clevry, “This partnership opens new doors for both Clevry’s and S3’s clients in the UK. S3 has great experience and expertise in some growing client segments, and we’re a perfect match with complementary services.”

“Through this partnership, both S3 and Clevry customers will be able to increase employee engagement across their organisations”, added Sam Powell, Managing Director and Co-Founder of S3. “By combining our solutions, our customers will be able to access intelligence on employee development and growth, increasing predictability, profitability and reducing costs”.

About Clevry

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Clevry stands as a beacon of change and innovation in the talent acquisition, assessment, and advisory sectors. Born from pioneering endeavors in psychometrics, Clevry has continuously evolved, integrating cutting-edge technologies and a deep-rooted understanding of soft skills.

Dedicated to revolutionizing the recruitment industry, Clevry is powered by a team of over 150 soft skills certified recruiters, business psychologists, and experts. Under the visionary leadership of founders like Dr. Alan Redman, Lucas Geisler, and Tomas Valkama, Clevry has become synonymous with infusing humanity into recruitment, championing the importance of soft skills over traditional CV metrics. The Clevry magic lies in its unique blend of state-of-the-art technology and the unparalleled expertise of its human capital, dedicated to creating exceptional tools, assessments, and candidate experiences that focus on ‘finding joy at work’.

Clevry operates on a global scale, from North America to Singapore, with key operational centers in Brighton, Stockholm, and Helsinki.

For more insights into Clevry’s journey and offerings, visit https://www.clevry.com

About S3

With over 100 years of combined experience across the team, working with start-ups, SMEs and global enterprises, S3 exists to Make Performance More Predictable. We help organisations increase employee engagement and have recently helped some of our most progressive clients become Top 100 Companies to Work For.

Through coaching, consulting and training, S3 is committed to transforming the way we enable performance in organisations.

For more insights into S3’s journey and offerings visit https://www.s3people.com/

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