Succession Planning

Research shows that the average tenure of an employee is 4.1 years, and is of course lower in certain roles and industries.

So what are organisations doing to prepare for this?

Investing in the right people to future-proof your business is an expensive and unpredictable process.

We’re experts in succession planning and developing the future leaders of your organisation. We can help you ensure that you’re identifying and developing emerging leaders within your organisation so that when their colleagues leave, they’re ready to take the business forward.

We help companies:

Succession Planning Review

Did you know that that the average cost of replacing a departing employee can be 33% of their annual salary, and often more when time and risk are taken into account? This means that organisations that don’t proactively identify their successors not only face increased costs, but also risk a huge drop in employee engagement.

A succession planning review ensures that you’re making the best investment in your future leaders. It enables you to predict who the future leaders of your organisation will be and allows you to develop the best skills and behaviours.

Our Succession Planning Review follows a 3-step process:

Step 1:

Identify an emerging leader and assess their leadership potential.

Step 2:

Compare these insights with the latest trends and global data on high performing leaders.

Step 3:

Identify cost-effective measures to improve succession planning within the organisations.

We've helped some of our customers become Top 100 Companies to Work For. Contact our team to find out more.

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Succession Planning Review

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