Employee Engagement

Research shows that only 21% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, and in Europe the figure is even lower at 14%.

So what really drives engagement in an organisation?

Investing in people can be a significant cost for any company whether you're running an SME or a Global Corporation.

We’re experts in employee engagement and increasing workplace productivity. We can help you ensure that you’re maximising employee engagement and investing in the right areas of your business to make it happen.

We help companies:

Employee Engagement Review

Employee engagement is one of the most important measures of your business performance. The cost of a disengaged workforce is extremely high and investing in the wrong areas to improve engagement can cost your organisation thousands, if not millions, in money, time and resources.

An employee engagement review ensures that you’re investing in the right areas of your business. It will enable you to identify the aspects of human behaviour that drive your organisation’s performance and highlight areas for development and future growth.

Our Employee Engagement Review follows a 3-step process:

Step 1:

Connect with high performing employees and benchmark what drives their performance.

Step 2:

Compare these insights with the latest trends and global data on high performing companies.

Step 3:

Identify cost-effective measures to improve performance and engagement.

We've helped some of our customers become Top 100 Companies to Work For. Contact our team to find out more.

Why Focus on Employee Engagement?

S3 INSIGHTS | Why Focus on Employee Engagement?

In 2022 the Gallup ’State of the Global Workplace’ report stated that Employee Engagement sits at just 21% (It’s even lower in EMEA). Divided into the 3 categories ‘Engaged’, ’Not Engaged’, and ‘Actively Disengaged’ the numbers are 21%, 60% and 19%…


Employee Engagement Review

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